Can't decide between duty and fun...

I'am Jack's lack of orientation...

She has a boyfriend....

I'am Jack's insatiable anger...

Don't know what to do...

I'am Jack's declining conscience...


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Stumble, fall down, lack of orientation,

stand up go on! 

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Put back the hand on zero,

zero is twelve,

the new beginning is also an end,

the stillness ist full of hectic pase,

the quietness resounds in my ears,


Nothing seems to be save,

the old feeling runs through my veins,

the blood rushes in my temples,


Is my decision made?

the helpnessness makes me to a child!


So easy so complicated!






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Main facts of live:


cigarette smoke



....and a few people called friends trying to understand you in your desillusioned way of thinking.....


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